Prestige Print Australia is a WA family owned and operated company

Prestige Print Australia specialises in the printing of promotional products including glassware, drink bottles, novelty items and much more. Our primary print services are pad printing and rotary screen printing.

We are located in Wangara in Perth, Western Australia however we are happy to ship our items Australia wide.

Rotary Screen Print

We are one of Perth's leading rotary screen printers for economy sports drink bottles. Our machines are specially designed to suit these types of drink bottles.
We can print any image that is in vector format art style, from 1 up to 4 colours.

We have a huge variety of ink colours available from our pantone colour range. Any colour can be mixed to suit your image/logo.

Our bottle colour range is extensive including: Black, White, Blue, Red, Green, Pink, Purple, Navy blue, Reflex blue, Orange, Yellow, Pearl, Natural/clear and Silver with lids to accompany all colours. Lids can be a separate colour to the bottle e.g. Black bottle with white lid.

Rotary Screen Print

Screen-printing is a printing technique that uses a silk screen to support an ink-blocking stencil to receive a desired image. A fill blade or squeegee is pressed and moved across the screen, which allows the ink to pass through the stencils open areas, and onto the product. Before printing occurs the screen undergoes a pre-press process, in which an emulsion is layed across the mesh and is then exposed under a high concentrated light to “burn” the desired image into the screen with an identical shape. The screen is then washed and dried, leaving a stencil of the image and is then ready to be used for the printing process.

Pad Printing

Our in house pad printing division offers massive amounts of potential for different types of promotional products. We can print on almost every irregular or regular shaped objects. Promotional items come in a huge variety of shapes and sizes such as calculators, sunglasses, golf items, rulers, writing instruments, stress items, switches and knobs, electronic equipment, Frisbees, boomerangs, binoculars, safety equipment, leather apparel and much more.

Pad printing at Prestige Print is efficient, reliable and fast. Being a local Perth based manufacturer we deal direct with our clients. In most cases products can be printed and ready within 5 to 10 working days. Urgent deadlines from our clients are always met with quality, efficiency and reliability.

Pad Printing

Pad Printing is a printing process in which a 2-D image is transferred onto a 3-D object. Pad printing has 3 major components: pad, ink and plate. The pad is made of flexible silicon and comes in many shapes and sized to suit different dimensions of an image and product. The plate is made of a hard polymer or steel. The image to be printed is etched into the plate itself and acts as a reservoir to house the ink. The pad is designed to allow the ink to stick to the pad surface and will be released when it touches the 3-D object.

Many industries use pad printing as means to promote their products and images to the general public and consumer.


Promotional products are part of daily life, serving not only as useful tools, but as powerful, long-lasting advertising

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